Conversion PLUS is a team training program designed to assist with the essential skill training of new or existing medical clinic staff. This gentle coaching program begins after a diagnostic session with your staff to create a plan for learning.

Then, using one-on-one coaching, aims to create small changes each week to help achieve your desired learning goals and further specialise or cross train within your practice.

“Empower your team to nurture your patients at each stage in their journey through your practice. ”

Brooke Staughton

Stage 1- Diagnostic

Allow Conversion PLUS to spend time in your practice to:

  • Identify Major Challenges
  • Recognise Achievements
  • Conduct a mystery shop of your practice
  • Speak with your team to learn about their role in the practice
  • Set goals to achieve with Conversion PLUS training
  • Establish opportunities for growth
  • Tailor your Conversion PLUS program to your team

Stage 2- Training

After your diagnostic is complete, let us help with training modules such as:

  • Asking Better Questions
  • Building Rapport
  • Pricing Confidence
  • Specialist Credentialling
  • Navigating Medicare Item Numbers 
  • Overcoming Objections
  • AND many more!

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